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Why YesTrak?

It’s simple: when people call a business number, they want to talk to a live, friendly person that can help them. Always.

When callers get sent to voicemail they are quick to choose someone else. That means you are losing money — and lots of it!

Why does it happen?

Your staff gets busy with customers at the front desk, or juggling other important tasks you need them to handle, so calls are missed and sent to voicemail even when you think they’re being handled live and converted to revenue.

Your staff goes to lunch and goes home and the phones go to a machine right at the same time your prospects and customers are trying to book quick appointments, have questions answered, and more. The results are wasted opportunities to generate revenue, irritated callers, and probably free business for your competition.

You don’t have enough staff, or the money to hire more people so you are taking all of the calls yourself (while callers are wondering why you don’t have people to do that for you) and wondering why there’s no time left in the day to focus on growing the business. Instead, what you really need is a live virtual receptionist that can take your calls and free up your time.

If this sounds familiar, I’ve got news for you: You’re not alone.

90% of business owners have phone management processes that aren’t making them money — they’re costing them money.

Make the commitment to implementing better call handling processes, and let us show you how.

With voicemail, you have a dangerous dead end. With YesTrak, that dead end becomes a racetrack to profits, thanks to our AAA Advantage:

Answer. Analyze. Address.


YesTrak live agents handle your inbound phone calls (with scripts you control with a click of a button), and immediately send you an email or text notification with all of the details of the call.


Our real-time notifications include an at-a-glance call summary that makes it easy to get to the heart of the caller’s intentions without wasted time listening to a message, transcribing notes…or even having to take the call in the first place. Simply read the data, and determine the best response.


With real-time visual notifications, our clients are able to return a customer’s phone call within minutes (if that’s required) — or we may have already booked the appointment for you which eliminates the need for you to phone the caller back at all.

YesTrak live virtual receptionists close the loop for you and your callers, allowing you to grow without having to take every call yourself.

We aren’t just another answering service, we are Answering Service Reinvented.