The following provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the YesTrak Application, from script building to call forwarding.

How do I build a Script?

Click on the yt-settings -icon icon in the navigation bar and select “SETTINGS” from the drop-down menu. Click on the Scripts Icon yestrak-phone-scripts

The process to build a script is accomplished in four easy steps:
  1)  Choose the desired outcome: Take A Message, Book An Appointment or Take A Message
  2)  Pick A Number: Choose a telephone number local to your location.
  3)  Help us with the script: Use the provided areas to tailor your script to your practice.
  4)  Final Details: Add the business hours, email and/or cell number to receive notifications.

What are Scripts?

Scripts are independent and exclusive of each other. Each script has its own notification chain.

When a caller is transferred into a particular script, it appears as a programmed screen pop to a YesTrak agent. The agent does not have the option or ability to switch to a different script mid-call or change how a message is delivered. It is programmed at the time the script is created. The agent, in essence, simply asks pre-programmed questions, records the answers and presses a send button to deliver the notification.

Why do I need to pick a telephone number when creating a script?

The telephone number used when creating a script is for infrastructure.

It’s how we deliver calls to the YesTrak Agent and differentiate between different menu options. You are not charged for the telephone script numbers.

Does the YesTrak Agent see calendar details?

YesTrak Agents do not see a calendar unless it is associated with a book appointment script.

Agents can only “book” an appointment and cannot “change” one. Per HIPAA restrictions they can see if a time slot is available to be booked on a calendar but cannot see any patient names or pertinent information already on a calendar. Typically, when a patient calls to change an appointment the agent takes the information and sends it over to the practice to be acted upon.

How does the “Gather Information” script work?

Here is a typical example of a “Gather Information” script:

Call arrives, agent gathers the contact information from the caller and the answers for up to three questions. If asked, the agent will only be able to relay to a caller that (for example) Dr. ABC’s hours are Monday through Thursday from 9:00am to 5:00pm but they will not have the ability to see what actual times are available for appointments or schedule an appointment because there is no calendar associated with the script.

Where do I enter my business hours?

The business hours (open/closed times) are entered during Step 4 (Final Details) when creating a script. YesTrak agents will see those hours in their screen pop.

How do I create a Menu?

A menu cannot be saved without an associated audio file.

When creating a new menu record the audio first, then create the call path. An audio file greeting can be recorded using a PC or, the easiest method is to use the voice recorder on a smart phone. Audio files must be in .mp3 or .wav format to be uploaded. If you do not have the means to convert an audio file your Client Services Advisor can assist you.

What are YesTrak forwarding procedures?

YesTrak is always “on” and available to you. You can transfer calls to YesTrak at any time by forwarding your main line to the menu or script number created.

If you are not sure how to forward your calls to YesTrak, your Client Relations Advisor will obtain the protocol from your telephone service provider (TSP), or, you can call your TSP for instructions.

Depending upon who your provider is, there are other options available to you for call handling such as:

  1) Call Forwarding No Answer:  Unanswered calls can be transferred to YesTrak automatically.

  2) Call Forwarding Busy: Calls that come in while you are talking on the phone can be transferred automatically


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