How to Turn a Skeptic Into a Believer

How to Turn a Skeptic Into a Believer
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Callers that are skeptical are difficult to deal with because they need quite a bit of attention in order to turn them from Skeptics to Believers. However, handled correctly Skeptics can become some of your best customers (who refer lots of other customers!).

Take the time now. Learn how to handle them and watch your bottom-line grow as a result!

Generally, Skeptics are skeptical for one of two reasons:

  1. They have been burned by another service provider they thought would produce their desired results, and now they are hesitant to try anything new.
  2. They just don’t have a clear enough understanding of what you do.

The best way to determine which of these two reasons apply to your Skeptic is to simply ask,
“Mrs. Brown, you seem skeptical about what we do. How come?”

This question cuts right to the chase and should quickly uncover the underlying cause of the caller’s skepticism. Once you know which type of Skeptic you are dealing with, here’s how to handle:


1) For the caller who has been burned by another service provider:

The best way to handle this type of Skeptic is to connect with them on that very topic. Skeptics who have doubt because of something that happened somewhere else need to be reassured that they aren’t the only ones disappointed by what’s happening in the marketplace. In fact, they’ll be relieved to hear that you’re aware of the other ineffective services, and that other customers have come to you expressing the same frustrations and have been pleasantly surprised by the great results you have been able to produce. They will begin to trust you once they know that you are dedicated to doing things a different way, the right way. Therefore, it’s your job to make that clear to your skeptical caller.


2) For the caller who just doesn’t have a clear understanding of what you do:

No matter how well you present your value proposition, this type of Skeptic won’t make the leap unless they have a clear picture of exactly how your services work. Therefore, you want to start at the beginning. Don’t assume your caller has a basic understanding of what you do. Instead, walk them through the history of your company, go step by step through your entire service offering, provide examples of other satisfied customers, etc. Your caller will appreciate the time you are devoting to explaining what you do in detail — and as a result, they will reward you with their business.


ADDITIONAL NOTE: Once you secure the business of the Skeptic, you should put detailed notes about their skepticism in their customer records so that everyone on your team is aware of their concerns at all times. While the Skeptics may tell you on the phone that they are not skeptical anymore, chances are good that a small amount of skepticism still exists, and coming to your offices can reignite some of those original fears. By paying close attention to Skeptics when they arrive for an appointment, and doing the little things to make them feel more comfortable, you are reassuring them that they need not be fearful anymore.

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