Top 3 Questions Our Clients Ask

Top 3 Questions Our Clients Ask
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Hello YesTraker’s and thank you for being part of the YesTrak revolution!

Given how quickly Yestrak has exploded onto the scene, it’s not surprising that I get a lot of support questions. It’s even less surprising that the same questions get asked over and over again. I decided to review the most frequently asked questions posed by our clients and bring them all under one roof, right here, along with the answers every month. Today, let’s discuss the top 3 most frequently asked questions submitted by you, our valued clients.

1). How do I access my account?

BOOM! You’d think it’d be a question about our technology or our billing model but the number one question is “How do I get access to the darn thing?

Well, when you confirmed your account you were asked to create a sub-domain. It should look something like this: This URL is your access to the database. From that point, if you do not know your password you can request a reset from this page. Don’t know your sub-domain? Feel free to email me and I will send you a link that you can bookmark in your browser and smart-phone for easy access to your account.


2). How do I add, change or delete the email and SMS notification destination?

Begin by logging into your account. Click “Settings” and then click “Scripts”. Now you should see all of your scripts listed. Click “Edit”.

At the top of the page you’ll see Step 1 of 4. This is where everyone gets confused. Keep going by clicking “Save”. Now you’re on Step 2 of 4. Click “Next”. Now you should see your script. Click “Next” again. Now you should see Step 4 of 4 (Final Details).

This is where you need to be. At the bottom of the page you’ll see the areas for either email addresses or SMS numbers. Make your changes then click “Save” and you’re done.

To recap, here are the steps:
Settings > Scripts > Edit > Save > Next > Next (make your changes) > Save.


3). How do I let my callers know the office is closed?

So it’s snowing. Or, maybe you’re going on vacation. You have real time control of your account and can manage your calendar, menu and audio right from where you are…either online or from your smart phone. There’s no need to be a computer geek. Just follow a few simple instructions and you’re done:

  1. Prepare a temporary audio message –

    Thank you for calling ABC Business. Due to severe weather in the area our office will be closed until, etc.… or, Thank you for calling. Mr. ABC will be out of the office until… You get the idea.

  2. Manage your calendar –

    If you are using a “Book Appointment” script block out any available appointment slots for the day or days that you will be closed.

  3. Reroute your callpath –

    If you are using several scripts redirect all incoming calls to your “Take Message” script (which should also be edited accordingly).

  4. Upload your temporary audio and test.

That’s it. Simple, right? If it doesn’t seem so it’s probably because you haven’t familiarized yourself with the application. Once you do, you will absolutely love the flexibility YesTrak gives you. Not to worry though if you have any other questions, I’m just a phone call away 646-421-6108.

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