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We hope this information helps your team become Phone Rockstars! If you’d like to learn about other ways YesTrak can increase your revenue and delight your callers, sign up here for a free demo.



At YesTrak, our mission is simple: to improve your client care and profits by making sure a live voice is always available to answer your phones — even during lunch, after hours and periods of high demand.


Today, your potential clients expect you to answer — no matter when they choose to call you. You can’t afford to let them go to voicemail; they’ll just hang up and go to the next blue link on their smartphone in search of a competitor who can help them immediately.

We know it’s not feasible to double or triple your staff to meet phone demand, so we built YesTrak. We have 250 agents in our Texas-based call center, ready to take your calls at a fraction of the cost of hiring a new receptionist.

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