Firing Up Your Team to be Phone Rockstars

Firing Up Your Team to be Phone Rockstars
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The telephone has been around for 139 years, and the way most small businesses answer it hasn’t changed much since.

Long hold times…mumbles…passive pauses…or worst of all, relying on voicemail: it’s all signs of a BAD COMPANY.

There’s no HEART. No soul. Callers are left DAZED AND CONFUSED.

Is your front desk LIVIN’ ON A PRAYER? Want buscar partillas de misoprostol tijuana to turn that around, and get more MONEY FOR NOTHING? How can you give your clients SATISFACTION? How do you put your profits on a STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN?

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Co-founder of YesTrak.comFounder of MyDoctorCalls.comAuthor of 'Own the Phone'Since 2008, Spencer has helped thousands of clients generate more revenues as a result of improving the way phones are answered. As co-founder of YesTrak (a revolutionary live agent answering service) and MyDoctorCalls (a cloud-based call tracking and recording system), his products and services have changed the way businesses approach their inbound calls. Spencer is also the author of 'Own the Phone'-- a book that helps healthcare practices turn their phones into growth machines.