ANNOUCEMENT: Meet the New YesTrak

ANNOUCEMENT: Meet the New YesTrak
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We’re really excited to share what we’ve been working on for the past few months. Our goal at YesTrak is to empower you to attract more clients and improve your customer service, and we’ve made this MUCH easier for you today with our latest platform release.

Why a new YesTrak?

Actually, because you asked for it! Since launch, our valued clients fell in love with the simplicity and reliability of our live agent answering service, telling us about the real impact it makes on their businesses. In fact, they loved it so much that they wanted MORE: more agents, more hours, more immediacy. You asked, we listened.

What’s new?

We went back to the drawing board and totally re-engineered the way we answer your calls. The new YesTrak has over 10 times the capacity of the old system, with that number growing as we add more agents each day. Our hold times have always been a source of pride (well under the industry norm), but since the relaunch, it’s staggering. For the last month, we’re averaging TWO seconds to pick up your calls….that’s FAST. 30-40 seconds of wait time is considered acceptable for other answering services, but we don’t care about what’s acceptable; we care about what’s best for your business. The faster we pick up the phone, the fewer callers hang up, the more revenue you generate. Simple solution, simple math, powerful results.

Key Benefit:
We get to your calls faster than you probably could yourself. Your clients and prospects are happier, and as a result, sales usually improve. Lots of other services will tell you they’ll answer your phones for peanuts, then throw your callers in a hold queue for 30 seconds, a minute, or (shudder) longer. Marketing is expensive, and time-consuming…so why waste money on inferior services that usually irritate your prospects, inviting them to hang up and call your competition? The new YesTrak has better quality, industry-leading technology and more agents to get to your calls faster than anyone else.

MORE HOURS (in fact, all of them)
When we launched, we handled your calls up to 17 hours a day. On paper, this was good compared to industry standards (those dreaded words, again…). But good is not good when we expect great, especially for the small businesses in time zones like Hawaii or Puerto Rico that asked us for a solution which fit their important time zones. We’re excited to announce that YesTrak is now available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter when people call, a live voice will be there to help your business shine.

Key Benefit:
24/7 live phone specialists means peace of mind for you AND your callers. No matter when someone wants your service, day or night, we’ll be there to help.

We’ve always made sure your new scripts were live within 24 hours, which was the gold standard in our industry (some of the largest answering services out there can still take up to two weeks before they can start taking your calls). Once again, we will never be satisfied with what’s best in the industry: our goal is what’s best for you. We’re proud to announce that you can now create a brand-new phone script and have it go live, on-the-fly. I repeat: create your script, press submit, and our agents will start taking your calls IMMEDIATELY. This is the fastest set-up available in the world. period.

Key Benefit:
The easiest on-boarding in the phone answering industry. We now begin taking your calls right away, 24/7, as soon as you launch a script. New business idea? Iterate a customer service flow and test it out, right away. Staff member out sick, or on vacation? Set up a script for immediate coverage (with no long-term contract). Running a new ad campaign, and worried you can’t handle the inbound rush of calls? We’ve got you covered. For the first time ever, you can set up a script on your smartphone, launch it on the fly, and have inbound client notifications delivered to you just seconds later, with real-time editing available so you can get it dialed to perfection as your needs change.

This is a massive step up in quality for  the 5M small businesses in this country that desperately need a set-it-and-forget-it solution for their critical inbound phone calls, arguably your most valuable leads. But we’re not done, by a long shot….we’re constantly improving things. Next, we’re working on a skills-based routing platform to ensure your call is handled by agents with comfort and familiarity in your industry, with the right dialect (or different languages) you prefer for customer service in your region. Our mobile app is in the pipeline, to ensure our notifications fit your lifestyle, no matter how that may evolve in the future (prefer notifications in FB Messenger, Slack or your CRM? Stay tuned…). The app will also unlock team functions that make it easier for people you work with to always know who is responsible for replies, and see task progress and completion in a ticketing protocol if you’d prefer.

A Google study recently showed that 51% of mobile searchers report they always or frequently need to call a business after viewing a mobile search ad. Add that to a recent Invoca study showing that inbound calls have 30-50% conversion rates (compared to only 1-2% for clicks), and you can easily see how important the phone remains for a massive percentage of your clients. Rest assured that all we do is think about these scenarios, and how we can keep the gold from these precious leads moving straight towards your bottom line.


The new YesTrak answers your calls faster, 24 hours a day, and lets you launch new phone scripts on-the-fly.

The new YesTrak is a better way to handle your inbound calls, at a lower price. It converts more of your most important marketing leads, increases your customer satisfaction, and it will give you more time to focus on the areas that need your undivided attention, like running your business or being able to pursue your dreams. We think it will make your clients smile, and we think it will make you smile once you try it, too.

For more information about the new YesTrak, contact us today. We’re standing by, ready to take your calls, and we’ll even throw in $50 in free phone answering to help you get started.

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