7 Biggest Holiday Time Mistakes

7 Biggest Holiday Time Mistakes
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If you’re anything like us, this is absolutely the most wonderful time of the year. Between the hearts glowing and much mistletoe-ing, nothing can ruin the spirit of the holiday season… until you call a business that’s completely checked out for the holidays. So show your customers the holiday love by avoiding these 7 Biggest Holiday Time Customer Service Mistakes:

1. Not announcing your holiday hours well in advance.
Undoubtedly, your hours around Christmas and New Years will be different than usual. That’s why it’s important to announce your holiday schedule at least 2 weeks in advance. The last thing you want to do is disappoint your customers by not being there when they expect you to be. So get the word out now, and encourage folks to book appointments straight away so they don’t miss out on your services before the end of the year.

2. Not staffing up properly.
While we’d love to think our staff members can’t wait to service the holiday crowd till the wee hours of the night; most likely they can’t wait to ‘Get the hell out of Dodge’ to celebrate with family and friends. So ascertain schedules now, and staff up to cover the days you anticipate being short-handed. The holiday season is a time of year people are ready, willing and able to spend their dollars— so don’t miss out on this great revenue-producing opportunity by not having enough staff on hand to convert business and please customers.

3. Not thoroughly covering your inbound channels.
Potential and existing customers will be reaching out to you at all hours of the day during holiday time. Some will call, others will ping you on the website or drop you an email. And don’t forget about your social media crowd… they’ll hit you up via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. So make sure to cover ALL of your inbound channels to guarantee timely responses. Dragging your feet in getting back to people is a sure-fire way to drag down your year-end profits. Therefore, strategize with your team now on how you’re going to respond to each and every request that comes in— and test out response times before the holiday tidal wave hits.

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4. Not gearing up employees for the big opportunity.
The holiday season offers up countless opportunities to stuff the stockings with cash. However, most businesses rely on staff members to convert leads… and staff members aren’t always 100% focused during these golden weeks. So your job as the leader of the band, so to speak, is to make sure the crew is ready to perform. Get the team fired up now, and make it worth their time by dangling enough incentives to keep them interested through the finish line.

5. Not being in the spirit.
If there’s one month of the year where too much is never enough, it’s December. So deck the halls, and don’t be shy— make Danny DeVito proud with all of your holiday decorations! Enthusiasm sells; and on the contrary, lack of it says you have a little Grinch in you— and nobody wants to spend their hard-earned holiday dollars with a Grinch!

6. Not anticipating the return/exchange requests.
As we all know, Black Friday is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. However, Black Friday’s evil nemesis is the day after Christmas when people wait at your doorstep in search of returns and exchanges! So don’t fret it, expect it, and capitalize on it by demonstrating how flexible you are with your customers. People remember the businesses that ‘wowed’ them when they weren’t that eager to use their products and services… and when the time comes that they are ready to go, you can guarantee you’ll be the first one they call!

7. Not checking in with viagra online greece customers after the bubbly’s all gone.
New Year’s Day is not the day to kick up your heels and bask in the glow of that beautiful new bank statement. Quite to the contrary, opportunity still knocks as you’ve undoubtedly got some new customers that need further nurturing. The key to running a successful business is working with those that will try you out via a special promotion and getting them to pay full-price the rest of the year and beyond! So reach out and say hello to see how your products and services are working out for them. Let them know the fun is just beginning and you’d love to see them much more often. And don’t be afraid to ask for reviews and referrals— that’s how you truly capitalize on your new found glory!

We hope these holiday tips make the season extra fruitful. From our family to yours, Happy Holidays!

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