5 Steps to Perfect Price Inquiry Responses

5 Steps to Perfect Price Inquiry Responses
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Whether you’re an entrepreneur trying to attract new clients, or in charge of a busy front desk, you need to be ready for anything when a call comes in. Sometimes, it’s simple: the person on the other end of the phone feels like a long-lost friend, and the conversation is smooth as silk.

But other calls can feel more like sandpaper, and the ‘price question’ inquiry can be the roughest of them all.

You know the type: you pick up the phone, give your best warm and cheery greeting…and the caller blurts out ‘how much does it cost?’ before you’ve even had a chance to say your name.

It can hurt. It can feel dehumanizing. my pc ip address It can be infuriating…but YOU, my friend, are a phone professional. You can, and will, turn that frown upside down by taking control of that call with these five simple steps:


1) Set an Expectation

OK, they say they want the price…that much is clear. But what they really want is some clarity; maybe it’s price, or maybe it’s your service offerings. Regardless, the first thing you always want to do is set the expectations of the caller. Acknowledge that you’ll answer all of their questions, to set their mind at ease. Then, take control and guide them through the process. By doing so, you’ll subliminally set the tone that your company is professional, and the right choice for their business.

So, don’t ignore their inquiry; address it, by responding along these lines:

‘Thanks for your question. I can definitely answer that for you, but first, can I get your name and number in case we get disconnected? I’m <your name here>, by the way…’

Be warm, and confident — your tone will turn the tides in your favor.


2) Establish Context

Once you’ve connected with an introduction, establish a baseline on who you’re speaking to. Is this a new prospect, or an existing client? Take some interest in this question, so you can begin to turn the caller from just focusing on pricing to understanding the true value you offer. Whether you sell seashells by the seashore or Porsches in Paris, buyers rarely choose to business on price alone; of equal importance is how someone makes them feel.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

-Maya Angelou

It’s cliche, but you only have one chance on a phone call to make a first impression. How can you put your best foot forward? Easy, just…


3) Show Interest

New caller? ‘Great, Mrs. Jones — let me be the first to welcome you to Walter’s World of Widgets! We’re really glad you called.’

Return caller? ‘Welcome back, Mrs. Jones — it’s so nice to hear from you again.’

Simple lines, but they’re game changers. You’ve now asked three simple questions in a row that have allowed you to take control of the dialogue, and made the caller consider you not just as a nameless, faceless price, but as a person who’s interested in their needs.


4) Create Value

In business, every caller has a need. Your value is linked to being able to recognize it, and have an answer for it. This part of the call is where the rubber meets the proverbial road:

‘Mrs. Jones, what’s going on today? How can we help you?’

By understanding what their need is, you’ll be better equipped to solve it. If you can solve it, and make them feel good about you, your price will just be a part of their decision, not the only factor. In four simple steps, and under ten seconds, you’ve expanded the value you offer to the caller.


5) Describe Your Solution

Now that you understand the real reason they’re calling, you can tailor your conversation to an explanation of your benefits. This is going to be specific to what you offer, so there’s no set script — but I know you’ll knock this part out of the park…it’s what you do day in, day out.

At the end of this step, deliver on your promise by sharing your price. By now, that number shouldn’t be quite as important to the caller, because you’ve shown the care and value your organization brings to the table.

Follow these steps, and you should gain real advocates, not just customers.

Good luck! 

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