10 Traits of Customer Service Superstars

10 Traits of Customer Service Superstars
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With over 500 different agents on our front lines at YesTrak, we’ve been able to compile this list of ‘10 Traits of Customer Service Superstars’. We hope this list helps you recognize your customer service top performers, and find new ones that will have a dramatic impact on the success of your business.

Customer Service Superstars ARE:

  1. ‘Relentlessly’ Happy. Have you ever met a person that exuded joy at all times? While rare, they do exist. It’s the person in the office that always has a funny joke, a thought of the day, points out something beautiful when everyone else sees something ugly… If you are lucky enough to employ one of these individuals, cherish them. Their unwavering positive energy is sure to ignite your customer retention, sales, and encourage the rest of the team to ‘turn their frowns upside down!’
  2. Honest. Customers don’t expect you to be perfect, but they do expect you to be honest about your shortcomings when they exist. You’d be surprised at how tolerant people can be when you admit faults. Your customers just want to know you care, and that you’re going to fix problems when they arise. Customer Service Superstars are always honest, because they know no other way. They are also extremely sincere when they say they will correct the situation as quickly as possible.
  3. Constantly Going Above and Beyond. Every inbound customer service request is a chance to show your fans how amazing you are. So don’t squander it. Superstar performers recognize the opportunity to show WOW factor, and capitalize by going above and beyond the call of duty at all times.
  4. Appreciative. Superstars appreciate your customers and their choice to do business with you. Superstars appreciate the opportunity to serve people. Superstars appreciate having a great employment opportunity. Superstars appreciate everything! (and that’s why we appreciate them)
  5. Always Putting Others First. It’s what separates the A-players on any team. It’s a simple concept, yet so critical in succeeding in today’s customer-first economy. If you have people on your customer service team that demonstrate incredible unselfishness, recognize and reward them often. Leadership starts at the top, so if you’re in need of more unselfish team members, start by putting your team first, and the rest should come easy.
  6. Never Arguing with Customers. There’s no place in customer service for an argument. While it’s tough at times to control your voice, or minimize the tone of your written words– failure to do so has dire consequences. Superstars know that, and always find higher ground with the tougher customers.
  7. Always Taking Ownership of Problems Through to Resolution. When a problem exists, someone needs to make sure it gets solved. Superstar performers never wait for someone else to take charge. Instead, they immediately grab ownership of a situation and manage it through to resolution. And once the problem is solved (and all along the way), they report back to the customer via professional and comprehensive
  8. Fantastic at Following-up. As the old saying goes, delivering excellent customer service is like a good golf swing… it’s all about the follow-through! When a customer takes the time to call, superstars reward them by following up on each and every item discussed during the conversation. No customer is ever left wondering what’s going on; superstars over-communicate to put minds at ease.
  9. Great at Making Others Feel Special. It’s a simple thing (and generally only takes a few seconds) but it’s amazing how few people go out of their way to make others feel special. Superstars do. They let their callers know how much they enjoyed speaking with them. They congratulate customers on their achievements. They are sincere in their compliments, and never miss an opportunity to send one along. Superstars make others feel special at all times, and that’s why people gravitate to them.
  10. Always Finding Ways to Make Themselves Better. Whether it’s a book they’re reading from a leading author, or a class they are taking to improve in some way… superstars invest in themselves and are always looking for new strategies to increase their performance levels. If you’ve got someone on your team that is relentless in their pursuit of perfection; congratulations, you’ve got a superstar on your hands!

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